Dock Bidding Process

Bidding on Slips
  • Bidding begins after docks are in and club dues are paid.
  • Club members in good standing interested in open slips need to bid on them.
  • Only current members paid in full are allowed to bid on slips. Any bids by non-paid members will have no standing.
  • It is your responsibility to come to the club and sign up for bidding.
  • We need your name (First and Last) & length of boat for dock assignment.
  • Be sure to check frequently for other openings as they come up.
  • Slips are awarded by consideration of boat size then seniority. Outside slips are normally for larger vessels averaging 20 feet or longer. Rear Commodore or the Club Board may impart size restrictions to allow all members to easily navigate the harbor.
  • Bidding will run 1 week in duration. New postings begin after the Rear Commodore verifies acceptances of newly awarded slips.
  • Dues for slips awarded should be paid upon notification and acceptance of the slip. Mail dock fees to the club Treasurer.
  • Please note your first choice, second, third and so on…
  • Once a slip is awarded, it is the club members spot until they bid on and are awarded another slip or fail to pay for their slip by docks in during future seasons.
Good luck on bidding and enjoy a safe boating season!