From the Club By-Laws
  • Section 1: Club membership is restricted to sixty-60 families because of limited facilities involving harbor space and land area. In future years, applications for new membership will be subjected to review contingent upon the ability of the Club to furnish adequate harbor and land facilities. When Club membership is full, requests for membership will be considered in the order of their filing.
  • Section 2: Members are expected to obey all federal laws, state laws, local laws and club rules.
  • Section 3: Membership in the Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club requires involvement from all members in its work and social activities. Work activities include the annual DOCKS IN, DOCKS OUT and TWO CLEAN UP DAYS. Social Activities are the designated Social Events that are posted at the beginning of each boating season. Each member is expected to make a sincere effort to attend all work events, however failure to WORK at least two (2) of these designated work activities and/or social activities each boating season will result in a $100 penalty to the club member, which will be assessed on the next annual billing.
  • Section 4: Any member whose personal conduct is such as to make their further affiliation with the Club undesirable may be expelled.
    • The member shall have the opportunity to be heard along with any other relevant information before the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors may act upon the information up to and including expulsion.
    • If the member wishes to appeal a disciplinary action they may do so at a general membership meeting. At the next general membership meeting the recommendation of the Board of Governors shall be read and with the member having the right to be heard in their own defense along with the any and all other relevant information. By a majority vote of Club Members present at the general meeting the disciplinary action shall be upheld or dismissed. There is no further appeal beyond this by either side.