Meeting Minutes

Minutes from past meetings.

Annual Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2017

Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club Annual Meeting (Town Hall Massena-Rm 27) April 28, 2017 Board Members: Doug Dilcox, John Meddings, Joseph Brown, Shannon Prentice and Josh Mclear (Chris Hooper absent)
  • 6:05PM Meeting called to order by Commodore Meddings. -10 club members present
  • OLD Business: -old minutes from meeting not read, Secretary Hooper not present
  • NEW Business: -Treasurer report from Dilcox reports beginning balance for 2016 was $11,514.40 and ending balance for 2016 is $14,143.22.
  • Dilcox reports that lawn mowing expense was down for 2016 due to decreased cost by new mowing service.
  • Dilcox report paying sales tax for 2016 -Budget presented to Board and Members present.
  • Motion made by Brown and second by club member Cook to accept 2017 Budget.  Budget passed.
  • Discussion regarding application for Jayden Pernice that was voted on last year and accepted at end of boating season.  Dilcox will send bill and welcome letter to Pernice regarding his membership.
  • NEW application for Bill Siddon to join the club.  Application sponsored by Nate Pichette and Tony O’Geen.  Discussion by board and his application is accepted. He will be sent a welcome letter and bill for dues for membership.
  • Proposed tentative dates for opening of club and club functions for 2017 presented by Josh McLear.
  • Discussion regarding 2017 Board of Directors.  Dilcox would like to resign his position as club treasurer.  Board recognizes his long standing dedication to this position. Brown polled members present if anyone would like to join the board this year.   Julie Lashomb indicated that she would perform secretary position if needed.  Brown made proposal to have the treasurer position compensated with dues being paid for 2017 for that board position if anyone wishing to fill it this year.  Discussion with board and members present with no one seconding the proposal.
  • After more discussion the 2017 LSLYC Board of Directors is as follows:
    • Commodore: Josh McLear
    • Vice Commodore: Shannon Prentice
    • Rear Commodore: John Meddings
    • Secretary: Julie Lashomb
    • Treasurer: Doug Dilcox
    • Director: Chris Hooper
    • Director: Brian Fent
  • Meeting ended at 6:55PM, motion by Brown, second by Doug Dilcox.