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July 9 – Meeting Minutes

Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club Meeting Notes

July 9, 2019

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm, location: Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club 

Roll call Board members present: Commodore Brian Fent , Vice Commodore  Matt Beard, Past Commodore Julia LaShomb , Rear Commodore Tom Lazore, Secretary Monica McLaughlin, Treasurer Karin Carney, Trustee Jay Delisle  

Members present: Josh McLear, Mike and Deb Kormonos, Paul Carney, Jeremy Earl, Bob Jarvis, John Meddings, and Francois Simard.

Officer Reports:

Commodore Brian Fent: Welcomed everyone. The gate is fixed. Thank You Paul Carney, Brian Femt, and John Meddings.The pressure treated lumber is here. Thank You Shanon Prentice. We are replacing the fire pit blocks.  Shanon Prentice is in the process of setting this up. MED replaced the light at the gate. The LSLYC needs to fix the rest. Any electrician in the club? If not we will have to hire the job out. June opening dinner was a success. Thank You to all who contributed. Clearing the vegetation on the berm was done by Bill Smith, Thank You. 

Vice Commodore Matt Beard Rear Commodore: Agreed lights need to be fixed and  the road entering the club. 

Rear Commodore Tom Lazore: There are 

still some docks available. 

Past Commodore Julia Lashomb: reported there has been no news from the NYPA about improvements to the  LSLYC

Secretary Monica McLaughlin: A few minutes were taken for members to read through minutes. The minutes will be available online for the upcoming meeting so that members may view them before the meeting. (Thanks Josh McLear). Motion to accept minutes after corrections were made was given by Karen  Carney and seconded by Tom Lazore.

Treasurer Report:  Karen Carney read the treasury report. Karen will coordinate with Josh McLear so a master list of members of  LSLYC will be created and we have an exact number of members. Motion to accept the treasurer's report was given by Matt Beard. Seconded by  Julia Lashomb 

Old Business: 

  • The remaining tasks will be reposted on the LSLYC web page, and a list will also be posted at the Yacht Club after an update has been made. 
  • Channel Marker have not been placed due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • The “Gate Rules” have been posted online. They will remain in effect for the remainder of the 2019 season. Karen has been in contact with various locksmith.  A decision will be made in the near future on how to proceed, new rules will be created/revised and in place at the beginning of the 2020 boating season. Also discussed asking members to donate their deposit toward a new lock , selling old lock to help pay for a new one. Karen was also able to get the keys back from members who have left the club. 
  • The 60th LSLYC committee led by Barb Pichette and Sue Smith will: need a budget, for example budget $15 dollars per person then if it is more each member attending would pay the difference. (suggested by John Medding ), establish if there is an interest from club members to have a celebration, how entailed the celebration should be, for ex. hold an open house, have a cookout, have a pig roast etc.,  Info about the past 50th anniversary will be shared to help establish a plan, and remember to invite past members. Also renting porta potties for that day was suggested
  • A suggestion box was created and is set up inside the club house for suggestions/ideas (Thank you Mike Kormanyos). Only board members will view suggestions. On online suggestion box will also be created (thank you Josh McLear)
  • The following are comments from members on social activities. This was done by request of Brian Fent our Commodore through the LSLYC web page. (6 people responded to survey)
    • Game night - cards, chess, trivial pursuit with teams, etc.
    • BBQ’s
    • Corn Hole Tournament
    • Junior Sailing Day (Those with sailboats could take kids and/or adults for a mini educational ride especially if they have never sailed and may have an interest in sailing.
    • Bonfire with a band 
    • Lawn game tournament day (i.e. Badminton, ladder ball, horse shoe, etc.
    • Invite a Friend/Family Day (have a band, blow-ups for kids, in-law brewing, etc.)This would help with advertising our club and potentially increasing membership in the future.
    • Fundraising to replace swing set with Boat swing set from Adirondack Storage Barn. Sell our logo on merchandise where we grab a portion of the sales. I know this has been done in the past, but we have room for improvement. We could offer the logo to be put on hats, shirts, quarter zips similar to how local teams offer their merchandise, You choose what you want the logo to be placed on. We could offer floating keychains, koozies, thermos etc.
    • Happy hour or BBQ afternoon would be nice
    • I hope this is some incentive for members to voice their opinion but at the same time remember it is not a cheap marina but a club of like minded people that love and respect the river and want to pass those values onto their family.
    • I would like to see more social events too. Club picnic would be great.
    • Due to my schedule I’m not interested in any social activities at this time. In future if my work days change I would be.
    • Friday night gathering at 5:00pm at the club will be reinstated. An announcement via email will go out to members. All are welcome, rain or shine.


  • Membership application and procedure is running into a few hiccups. The process was revisited and procedure was read during the meeting by Josh McLear. We have new members and there have been changes to the process (trying to do more on line to speed up the process, and make it more efficient. The kinks are being worked out. Please be patient and come forward with your concerns. 
  • There was some confusion to dock assignments for Tom Lazore and P Oaks.  Tom Lazore recused himself from this discussion as he is thee Rear Commodore. A decision was made after revisiting the by-laws for the club. A suggestion was made that each slip should be assigned a boat length to eliminate confusion. Brian Fent will contact Paul Oaks about the issue.

New Business:

  • Still need at least three members to help in audit of club funds at the end of the season. John Medding, and Fred Mclaughlin volunteered to do this. 
  • Mike Kormanyos mentioned that we are in need of new parts to repair the hardware on the docks, more augers; Mike will make a list and send to John; Julia will find dock plans and share with members; John Medding is in the process of coming up with a list with prices of what we need to purchase; Matt Beard suggested a work day, “If we have the supplies the work gets done.”; the main dock is moving, pins and hardware are old and wearing out; use metal straps to secure floats (suggested by Josh McLear); remind members to remove their cleats and other articles that they have attached to their docks before docks out and winter storage; buy new docks was suggested by a brave soul. The room went quiet and everyone chuckled.
  • There seems to be a racoon problem in the club house. A live trap was set up in the rafters. 
  • A notice of a parking issue was discussed. Parking regulations should be revisited. It was suggested that if you are leaving your vehicle and trailer for day use please park vehicle and attached trailer farther down the road way toward Rt. 131 this will allow for more parking for members and not  block trailer access to other members. There are still two or three areas to park trailers on the left near to the club house, they are for trailers, they are overgrown and need clearing. 
  • Motion to adjourn by  Julia Lashomb, second by Matt  Beard 

Next meeting: August 13 , 2019

Happy Hours – Every Friday 5pm – ?

Hello Everyone,

In looking to bring back a long running event at the club, starting this Friday July 12th and every Friday night going forward the club will be hosting a Happy Hour and campfire starting around 5pm. There is no need to RSVP to this event and anyone looking to come should bring a snack to pass. This is a Bring Your Own Beverage event and will occur rain or shine. 

Hope to see you Friday!


Gate Policy

The front gate should be kept locked at all times when there is not a member physically present on the grounds. If a member enters the grounds with the intent of remaining within the clubhouse or within the immediate vicinity of the clubhouse then the gate may be left open. However, when the member departs, either by land or by water, the gate is to be locked. The gate will be left unlocked during scheduled Club events, and members hosting a private event that includes non-members may leave the gate unlocked. Again, a member must be present in order for the gate to remain unlocked.

Dock Bidding Round 2 has ended!

Hello Everyone,

The dock bidding period for round 2 has ended and these are the new slip assignments that have been made:

S51 West – Jim Smith

P42 North – B. Pichette

P32 North – William Smith


At this point any member who does not have a slip or who would like to move to an open slip must reach out to Tom Lazore ( to select from the open slips.


The following slips are open:

P22 South

M 3/4 South

S22 North

S23 South (PWC Only)

SW1 North

SW1 South

SW2 North

SW2 South

SW3 North

The club website will be updated shortly with these changes and the new dock assignment layout will be posted soon at the club.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,


Club Updates!

Hello Everyone,

Please read the entirety of this message as there is some very important information!

First, the club is in need of a treasurer on the board. If you are interested please let us know so we can work to get someone to fill this position.

Second, the first round of dock bidding ended and the following assignments were made:

P71 South – P. Oakes

S51 East – McLear

P32 South – Earl

S22 South – Delisle

*** The second round of dock bidding will run from Friday May 25th – Saturday June 1st at 6pm.

The following slips are available for bid:

S51 West (Limited to 21 feet or less to not obstruct navigation)

P42 North

P32 North

P22 South

M3/4 South

S22 North

S23 South (PWC Only)

SW1 North

SW1 South

SW2 North

SW2 South

SW3 North

Third, Attached please find a list of everything that needs to be done at the clubhouse. Everything on the list that is not highlighted still needs to be completed.

Fourth, the club is looking to host an opening dinner on June 22nd, more information will be out soon!

Lastly, please fill out the following form so that we can have updated information and make sure bills and communication go to the correct addresses:

(We already have the following members: Long, Kormanyos, Carney, Childs, McLear, Simard, Fent, N. Pichette, Kelso, Pernice, B. Siddon, Delisle, Lazore, Conte, Earl, so you do not have to re-submit).

Thank you!


Closing Dinner – October 6th

Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club Closing Dinner Come join us to say good bye to another season and share your water stories. Saturday, October 6, 2018 @ 1:00  Same day as our final Work Day for the 2018 Season. Italian sausages, hot dogs, onions and peppers, and rolls will be provided by the club Please bring a dish, snack or dessert to share along with your place settings and the beverage of your choice. Please RSVP by October 4thif you are planning to attend: 315-769-3198

New Buoy Lights are in

Good Morning Everyone,
John Meddings ordered some new buoy lights and they have come in. He is
looking for help on Thursday August 23rd at 4:30pm to install them on the
channel markers.
If you can help, meet at the club.

Important Club Notice

Good Morning LSLYC Members, We have sent out an important club email regarding using assigned slips. Please read the email and click on the link at the bottom to update your information after reading the email. Thank you! LSLYC Board.

Apparel is here

Hello Everyone, We have a few apparel options available for ordering. 
  • The following types and colors are available:
  • Tank Top - Neon Pink, Neon Green, Lagoon
  • Crewneck Sweatshirt - Lagoon
  • Hoodie Sweatshirt - Lagoon, Blue Jean
  • Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Neon Pink, Neon Green, Lagoon, Blue Jean, Spruce, Light Green, Amethyst, Brick
  • The logo on all of the items will be in black, centered on the chest of the shirt. There is the option for the full logo, or the distressed logo (looks aged). 
  • If you are interested, please print and fill out the order form sheets and bring to the club meeting Monday July 9th at 6pm. The order form is available here:
  • We have attached some samples of the products, which are hanging in the clubhouse if you would like to see the colors in person.