December Meeting Minutes

Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club Meeting Notes

December 10, 2019 @ 6:00

Massena Library

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm, location: Massena Library

Roll call Board members present: Commodore Brian Fent , Vice Commodore  Matt Beard, Past Commodore Julia LaShomb (absent), Rear Commodore Tom Lazore, Secretary Monica McLaughlin, Treasurer Karen Carney, Trustee Mike Kelso, Trustee Jay Delile (absent)  

Members present: Paul Carney, Jeremy Earl, and John Meddings.

Officer Reports:

Commodore Brian Fent: Nothing to report

Vice Commodore Matt Beard 

Rear Commodore Tom Lazore: Nothing to report

Past Commodore Julia Lashomb: 

Secretary Monica McLaughlin:  Motion to accept the minutes was given by Tom Lazore and seconded by John Meddings.

Treasurer Report:  Karen Carney read the treasury report.  Motion to accept the treasurer's report was given by Brian Fent, Seconded by Tom Lazore. Karen will work on end of year budget and projected budget for next 2020 season. Audit will take place in January.  

Old Business: 

  • Member info still needs to be checked for any updates and missing information. Forms will be  available at the annual meeting so members can fill out at that time.
  •  Still working on acquiring a combination lock for gate. 

New Business:

  • Next years work days will consist of 2 workdays for Docks In,  two work Days for mid season work and 2 Days for Docks Out. These days will be chosen by the new Board Members. Work Weekend Sign Up sheet will also be posted and explained at the annual meeting. Monthly meeting dates will also be chosen by the new board.
  • There will be  positions open on the Board for the coming 2020 season. An email will go out in regards to this. Any member interested, please contact the SLYC Board. 
  • Info for group members to receive at our annual meeting was discussed.

Motion to adjourn by  Brian Fent, second by Karen Carney

Next meeting: Annual Meeting, February 11, 2020, Elks Club at 6:00pm