June 22 Meeting Minutes

Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club Meeting Notes

June 22, 2019


Meeting called to order 4:09 pm, location: Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club (We have a quorum)

Roll call Board members present: Commodore Brian Fent , Vice Commodore  Matt Beard, Past Commodore Julia LaShomb , Rear Commodore Tom Lazore, Secretary Monica McLaughlin, Treasurer Karin Carney, Trustee Jay Delisle and Trustee Mike Kelso 

Members present: Tim Curran, Beth and Charlie Cox, Gary and Bonnie Cook, Josh McLear, Mike and MaryAnn Childs, Mike and Deb Kormonos, Paul Carney, Shannon and Cheri Prentice, William (Joe) and Sue Smith, Jeremy and Jennifer Earl, Fred McLaughlin, Roger Lashomb, Bruce and Barb Pichette.

Officer Reports:

Commodore Brian Fent: Welcomed everyone, said it was  a nice turn out for the Annual General Membership Meeting, mentioned that the monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of each month, 6:00, at the Club House unless otherwise stated, and attending meetings is an important way to keep informed of the workings of the club. Encouraged members to come forward to reinstate social activities which have been put on hiatus until members start  them up again. Thanked Julia Lashomb for spearheading the spaghetti dinner. Thanked Josh McLear for continuing to update members and notify members through our web page. (A maintenance group, public relations group, social activity group, and an audit committee are some of the committee the club is looking to reinstate) 

Vice Commodore: Matt Beard thought the maintenance group was a good idea.

Rear Commodore: Tom Lazore Bidding is complete, there are still some docks available. 

Secretary: Monica McLaughlin read through the minutes highlighting the major points. Motion to accept minutes after corrections were made was given by Matt Beard and seconded by Karen  Carney.

Treasurer Report:  Karen Carney read the treasury report.

Old Business: 

  • The remaining tasks will be reposted on the LSLYC web page, and a list will also be posted at the Yacht Club along with a reminder that the Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club is a working Club.
  • Channel Marker lights are on. Just waiting for a good time to place in water. Also new numbers were put on the buoys.
  • Update on NYPA  by Julia Lashomb: Our status has changed, we are now leasing so the NYPA is our landlord and as a renter we should be able to come to them for improvements which are greatly needed. As our land lord NYPA can also shut us down. Stay positive the LSLYC has been in existence for 60 years as of 2020. Some repairs we are looking for from NYPA are fixing the gabion wall, dredging the harbor and channel, also repairing the berm.  
  • The following ideas were presented  to the group by board and general members concerning the issue of extra keys for the gate that are unaccounted for and “Gate Rules”
  1. Purchase a new lock with 70 keys would cost around $900-$930
  2. Raise the key deposit to $50
  3. Have more control getting  keys back (sponsor's responsibility)
  4. Could purchase a less expensive lock and replace each year.
  5. Change the combination every year. As soon as a member pays he will receive the new combination. If the combination is shared with nonmembers the member who is at  fault will be asked to leave.
  6.  Only members in good standing should get $20 deposit back.
  7. Old lock could be sold
  8. A solution to the lock security  will be considered at the next board meeting
  9. “Gate Rules” should be revisited. (this has been done via email.)
  10. Responsibility of sponsor to explain “Gate Rules”   to new members. 
  11. There have been thefts in the past, Members would like  their property protected.
  12. Camera security could be placed at gate 
  13. Club House lock should also be replaced
  14. “Gate Rules” will be examined at the next board meeting.
  15.  The membership agreed that the board will replace the gate  lock and club house lock with a combination lock as deemed appropriate. Rules will be developed and sent to membership. 
  16. Tom Lazore offered a camera to be used at the door.

New Business:

  • Lights for  parking lot do not work. 
  • A committee led by Barb Pichette and Sue Smith will organize the LSLYC  60th anniversary. Please contact them if you would like to help.
  • Barb LaDuke and Ron Coon were introduced as prospective new members 
  • A decision of what to do with the dock that was repositioned pushed out will be made at  the next board meeting. It will be either left as is, moved back partially or moved back to the original position.
  • A locked suggestion  box mounted to a wall in the club house will be available to members. Please be positive, and only board members will read the suggestions. 
  • Motion to adjourn by  Matt Beard , second by Julia Lashomb

Next meeting: July 9 , 2019