June 11 Meeting Minutes

Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club Meeting Notes

June 11, 2019

Meeting called to order 6:04pm, location: Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club (We have a quorum)

Roll call Board members present: Brian Fent  Commodore, Julia LaShomb Past Commodore, Tom Lazore Rear Commodore, Secretary Monica McLaughlin, Karin Carney Treasurer, and Mike Kelso Trustee 

Members present: John Meddings, Shannon Prentice, Deb Kormanyos, Mike Kormonyos, Paul Carney

Minutes for May 21. 2019 meeting reviewed.  All in favor, no opposed.

Officer Reports:

Commodore Brian Fent: Welcomed and thanked Karen Carney for volunteering to be the LSLYC Treasurer.  Motion to approve this assignment was given by Julia Lashomb, 2nd by Tom Lazore Everyone in favor, no nahs. Also suggested a thank you note should be sent to Karin Smutz for filling the treasury position for two years. 

Vice Commodore: Matt Beard absent

Rear Commodore: Tom Lazore second complete, all docks assigned and there a still open docks available. 

Treasurer Report:  Karen Carney gave a treasury balance of $19,504.86. She reported that there are very few spare keys and that past members should be encouraged to return their keys, and get their $20.00 deposit back.. It was mentioned that we could purchase a new lock which may cost $700.00 and have the deposit raised to $50.00 per key, That way we would be sure to get the keys back. Julia Lashomb Past commodore will remain on the checking account along with adding Karen Carney, Brian Fent Commodore excused himself from this as he is absent part of the year.

Past Commodore: Julia Lashomb

Old Business: 

  • The remaining tasks will be reposted on the LSLYC web page, and a list will also be posted at the Yacht Club along with a reminder that the Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club is a working Club.
  • Channel Markers are scheduled to go in on Thursday June 12th at 4:00 unless there is inclement weather. 
  • Mowing will be done by  Pete Thompson again his year with an increase of $5.00 per mowing. There was a discrepancy on Pete’s bill this will be looked into. 
  • Update on NYPA : Julia Lashomb met with NYPA Jeff Farrell, who is in charge of the management of Real Estate owned by NYPA  on June 11, 2019. They walked the grounds, docks, Gabion wall area, burn area, viewed the club house, and discussed dredging due to low water  levels. It was also brought to Jeff Farrell’s attention that we are now leasing so the NYPA is our landlord and as a renter we should be able to come to them for improvements which are greatly needed.  Julia will also send Jeff Farrell information (past building specs) about the construction that was completed on the Yacht Club in the beginning years so he is aware of what has been done.
  • Stephanie Oaks was contacted and was told we would take the fire hoses. They haven’t shown up yet, so this topic will stay open.
  • Opening Dinner will be June 22. There will be a mandatory General Meeting starting at 4:00. More information regarding this will be sent via email. 


New Business:

  • The discussion of dock assignments taking into consideration boat size, seniority and configuration as stated in the Bylaws Sections V Article 1 should stay as written. All three aspects size, seniority and configuration should all be considered equally without prioritizing one more than the other as well as common sense when assigning docks.
  • Materials to repair docks are unavailable to club members, therefore an effort will be made to have supplies available to their members. A motion was made by John Meddings to have Shawn Prentice buy 25 boards for the club and have delivered at a price of $265. Second by Julia Lashomb. Also a list should be compiled of other items club members feel they need such as dock hardware, pins (size included) etc.  
  • The cinder blocks around the fire pit are also deteriorating so need to be replaced (First the old wood next to it needs to be burnt.) 
  • Mike Kormanyos suggested a box be mounted to a wall in the club house for suggestions. The board could read and discuss any good info. Nothing derogatory will be looked at. The board felt this was a good suggestion. Mike will find a lock box and hang it. He will give the key to a board member.

Motion to adjourn by John Meddings, second by Karin Carney

Next meeting: June 22, 2019