Club Updates!

Hello Everyone,

Please read the entirety of this message as there is some very important information!

First, the club is in need of a treasurer on the board. If you are interested please let us know so we can work to get someone to fill this position.

Second, the first round of dock bidding ended and the following assignments were made:

P71 South – P. Oakes

S51 East – McLear

P32 South – Earl

S22 South – Delisle

*** The second round of dock bidding will run from Friday May 25th – Saturday June 1st at 6pm.

The following slips are available for bid:

S51 West (Limited to 21 feet or less to not obstruct navigation)

P42 North

P32 North

P22 South

M3/4 South

S22 North

S23 South (PWC Only)

SW1 North

SW1 South

SW2 North

SW2 South

SW3 North

Third, Attached please find a list of everything that needs to be done at the clubhouse. Everything on the list that is not highlighted still needs to be completed.

Fourth, the club is looking to host an opening dinner on June 22nd, more information will be out soon!

Lastly, please fill out the following form so that we can have updated information and make sure bills and communication go to the correct addresses:

(We already have the following members: Long, Kormanyos, Carney, Childs, McLear, Simard, Fent, N. Pichette, Kelso, Pernice, B. Siddon, Delisle, Lazore, Conte, Earl, so you do not have to re-submit).

Thank you!