May Meeting Minutes

Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club Meeting Notes

May 21, 2019

Meeting called to order 6:00pm, location: Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club 

Roll call Board members present: Brian Fent  Commodore, Julia LaShomb Past Commodore, Tom Lazore Rear Commodore, Secretary Monica McLaughlin, ???  Treasurer, Jay Delisle Trustee, and Mike Kelso Trustee 

Members present:  Jay Delisle, Jeremy Earl, Chris Hooper, Barb Pichette, Bruce Pichette, Francois Simond, John Meddings, Shannon Prentice

Minutes for September 10. 2018 meeting reviewed.  All in favor, no opposed.

Officer Reports:

Commodore: Brian Fent: Welcomed everyone to a new season, read the names of Board members, also read minutes from last meeting, which was our Annual Meeting held on February 26,2019

Vice Commodore: Matt Beard absent

Rear Commodore: Tom Lazore discussed first round of bidding was in progress and second round would begin Friday May 24

Treasurer Report:  Karin Smutz is unable to fill her position  this year, so Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club is looking for a volunteer to fill  this position.

Old Business: 

  • By combining Docks In with Opening Workday  the majority of the tasks were completed in one day.  remaining tasks will be posted on the LSLYC web page, and a list will also be posted at the Yacht Club. Thank you to all who were able to participate.  Combining Docks out with Repair Day will also be scheduled for one day.
  • Channel Markers still need to be put in. John Medding stored the lights over the winter and has returned them to the LSLYC.
  • Current Member List: Tom Lazore will continue to update members info, Encourage members to join by using the application on our webpage to ensure a speedy time frame. 
  • Mowing will be done by  Pete Thompson again his year with an increase of $5.00 per mowing. Spraying for spiders will also be done his season. Josh Mclear will  set this up. 
  • Update on NYPA : Julia Lashomb will continue to work on shore line revitalization through  help from NYPA

New Business:

  • Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month and be held at Lake St. Lawrence Yacht Club, unless otherwise stated. The meeting will begin a 6:00pm
  • Stephanie Oaks, who is affiliated with the fire department has offered water hoses which  members may secure to their docks for bumpers. 
  • An Opening dinner with mandatory meeting prior to will be scheduled for June 22

Motion to adjourn by Julia LaShomb, second by Jay Delisle

Next meeting: June 11